Ready-Made Porcupine Hair Roach Deer Hair – Inside And Out



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DEER HAIR – INSIDE and OUT The inner layer of deer tail gives the roach that extra fullness and “pop open quality” not found in other styles. Each roach is hand tied. A full row of porky guard hair surrounds the base with a second row in front for extra fullness. The roach comes complete with inner and outer layers of deer tail. Deer hair is available in the colors listed below.

Now Available in 23 Colors!
Disclaimer: As these roaches are custom made to your specifications, we can not accept any
refunds or exchanges.  Please note that the base size is the length of the
Additional Information

6 Inch Base, 10 Inch Base, 12 Inch Base, 15 Inch Base, 18 Inch Base, 20 Inch Base, 22 Inch Base, 24 Inch Base

Color Codes

001, 026, 036, 055, 066, 073, 082, 098, 121, 122, 143, 146, 178, 206, 208, 218, 240, 247, 252, 254, 260, 282, 365

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